Multiple ways to save through cloud

There are many reasons why organizations migrate to cloud computing environments, including the ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs. However, there is more than one way to experience savings through the cloud, according to industry expert Jamie Riddell in a Suffolk-based EADT Magazine report.

Often, investments in infrastructure are expensive, resulting in organizations purchasing more than is necessary to ensure they have room for growth, Riddell said. As a result, companies sometimes strain their budgets and make it difficult to invest in other IT solutions. With cloud computing, however, businesses can increase or decrease the size of their infrastructure easily, as they can scale up and down while only paying for the capacity they use. This makes their IT budgets more efficient.

Additionally, companies can easily connect with more services, people and networks through the cloud. With data stored in the services, all it takes is the click of the mouse to send information to contacts, saving time and energy compared to collecting business cards and putting them in a spreadsheet, Riddell asserted.

Of course, some of the most influential savings are the ones associated with the reduction of physical hardware, making maintenance and large-scale server investments a thing of the past.

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