Look before leaping to the cloud

After the widespread success of cloud computing last year, many more organizations are implementing the services in 2012. However, before chief information officers decide to deploy the technology, they should determine which model is right for them and how their business can benefit from its use. In other words, they need to look before they leap, according to an ITBusinessEdge Datamation report.

CIOs should remember that the cloud is a means to an end, not the end itself. Additionally, each model provides varying benefits. For example, the private cloud may resolve different problems than the public cloud. As a result, decision-makers should need to evaluate multiple cloud providers and their service's performance to ensure that they provide acceptable quality, the news source reported.

Executives should then consider if they have any compliance issues they need to keep in mind throughout the deployment process. Since some of these requirements make it difficult to run a solution through the cloud, organizations should consider this before implementing the technology, Datamation said.

Additionally, CIOs should keep security in mind. In fact, security is a top priority among many businesses deploying the cloud, according to a Symantec report, indicating that companies are focusing on important issues that were highlighted in 2011.

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