Private cloud adoption rates continue rising through 2012

Cloud computing was a major trend for businesses in 2011 and will likely continue to be one throughout the coming year, remaining a top IT priority for many organizations. Using Software-as-a-Service for collaboration will be one of the main habits among enterprises in 2012, according to predictions made by Unisys.

Once cloud implementations are completed, businesses will likely begin assessing the solutions that were deployed, the report noted. This shows that companies are learning and that while they believe the cloud has the ability to lower prices and improve efficiency, they won't know for sure until they evaluate the technology.

Additionally, private cloud environments will be deployed at an accelerated rate throughout the year as companies gain confidence in the services and begin implementing them across their infrastructure. The main reasons for private cloud use are to improve responsiveness, reduce costs and still maintain a firm stand on security, according to the report.

According to a BusinessCloud9 report, private clouds will grow at a faster rate than their public counterparts, largely driven by the use of hybrid environments. This is the combination of services on premise and hosted in the cloud.

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