Cloud computing trends will bring DevOps into play for 2012

Now that 2012 is well under way, new trends are beginning to emerge among businesses looking to improve their productivity and become more relevant in the current market. As a result, more organizations are looking to DevOps philosophies to help them achieve these goals, especially as the cloud becomes more popular, according to an Applications Development Trends report.

This is because when a company utilizes the cloud, it no longer simply deploys the services. Instead, they are required to develop and maintain it throughout the years. As a result, developers need to get comfortable with caring for the applications and making the operational aspect of solutions much more important, expert Martin Schneider said, according to the news provider.

Additionally, this year will see the birth of new programming languages, as mobile devices come into play.

"It's smart for the developers to understand this trend now, because it means they'll be able to make more money," the news source cited Schneider as saying. "But the important thing to keep in mind is, the days of, Oh, I'm a Java guy, are over. I think 2012 is the beginning of the end of that."

According to a CM Crossroads report, this year will be important for DevOps concepts as more companies begin to see their benefits.

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