DevOps to see wider use in 2012

While 2012 is becoming known for buzzwords like cloud computing, unified communications and a number of others, it will also see growth of a relatively new topic: DevOps. Many experts believe that, in the coming year, the idea of having a business' development strategy also reflect its operations strategy will become more popular, according to a CM Crossroads report by industry expert Scott Ambler.

Still, there is more to DevOps than best practices with process, tool and data integration. It also promotes several philosophies, including the fact that the entire enterprise should be aware of the innovative ideas. Since the concept is utilized across the whole business, operations staff members should understand what it is and how they can contribute toward the enterprise's goal of achieving success, Ambler said.

Additionally, people and operations should be recognized by developers as important factors that can help the organization better the services being worked on. As a result, the team working on the strategy should focus on the overall solution, rather than just the software, Ambler noted.

According to a survey by Replay Solutions, more than 25 percent of businesses have a formal DevOps process with a dedicated team. As organizations recognize the philosophy's capabilities, more will likely create their own DevOps plans in 2012.

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