SMBs enjoying cloud computing

Businesses today are adopting the cloud at much higher rates than they did in the past, although some small and medium-sized businesses are still slightly hesitant. Still, roughly one-quarter of all organizations utilizing the cloud have been doing so for more than two years, while the majority of respondents have done so for even longer, according to a study by Business Web Hosting Plans.

The report showed that smaller companies are learning the benefits of shifting workloads to cloud computing systems. One of the advantages is cost savings on software. Traditionally, businesses would have to purchase applications and licenses for every employee, yet with the cloud they only need to buy one solution.

However, some companies still have concerns about the cloud, such as the technology's security and reliability.

"Although these are logical concerns, they are not necessarily legitimate concerns," said Business Web Hosting Plans representative Ryan Newman. "The concerns stem from not understanding how cloud computing systems operate."

According to a report by Cisco, more than three-quarters of survey respondents said they were content with the cloud services they were currently using. The largest satisfaction comes from the ability to maximize investments.

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