Virtualization myths can be overcome

While cloud computing is being more widely utilized, there is often a slight hesitation when companies look toward virtualization strategies. The reason is that the technology is shrouded in myths. Some of these include supposed security disadvantages and high expense, according to an IT Business Edge report.

One of the first things that businesses consider when they implement a new technology is the cost associated with the service. When beginning a virtualization deployment, decision-makers may be overwhelmed by the prices. However, in the long run the solution will pay for itself. The cost savings include cutting back on HVAC, using less electricity and minimizing maintenance, the news source reported.

Additionally, some organizations are fearful of a lack of security in virtualized environments, but the truth of the matter is that virtualization is no more or less safe than traditional systems. As a result, chief information officers need to implement their own security standards and create policies for complying with internal regulations, IT Business Edge noted.

Businesses using virtualization can also easily duplicate servers to help speed up deployment, according to an ITworld report. This will help the business become more efficient.

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