Cloud computing is altering business responsibilities

Cloud computing is changing the face of technology, but it is also how managers and professionals relate to each other. For example, the evolution of the cloud is changing the way that directors take charge of revolutionized workplace, according to a Forbes report.

As a result, executives will be forced to tackle more business-related issues, rather than only technical architectures. Currently, IT departments aren't necessarily threatened by managers becoming more involved, but it means that they will need to expand their role in the company. Managers shouldn't be able to navigate around the IT department to solve major problems, but they should be able to address minor ones on their own, the news source reported.

Employees, on the other hand, will also be put in charge of more technology decisions on the client level. This is because cloud computing requires less hassle with upgrades, allowing IT departments to focus on more daunting tasks, Forbes said.

As more companies resort to the cloud to expand their operations, chief information officers are becoming less paranoid about the technology, according to a GigaOm report. In the past few months, many common concerns about the cloud have dissipated.

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