Report: Cloud monitoring service market is changing

As cloud computing technologies continue to be used by companies, the way in which the services are monitored is changing. Traditionally, businesses would audit applications based on how well they performed within the environment, but now they are shifting their test analyses to user experience, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.

This way of thinking allows providers to get a better insight on information that is important to their success. It includes user quality of experience, application availability and the behavior of cloud computing adopters, the report noted.

The research firm also found that large companies and IT organizations tend to prefer private cloud computing environments for storage services. Meanwhile, the appeal of the technology will continue to be driven by the need to improve security, address compliance issues and handle concerns with visibility and privacy.

According to an eWeek report, the market for private cloud services is constantly expanding. Cloud providers will likely maintain the upper hand in this market because they already have infrastructures in place, but companies wishing to deploy their own networks will also be a more common trend.

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