Cloud computing adoption to be driven by mobility, big data

Cloud computing will likely have an interesting year in 2012 certain trends emerge, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service becoming more alluring to businesses, while cloud security, service level agreements and compliance will still be concerns. However, the tipping point when these issues either get resolved or companies abandon the cloud will not happen this year, according to a SYS-CON Media report.

The adoption of cloud computing within the enterprise will still be slow, as companies are also investing in virtualization and other technologies to improve efficiency at a lower cost. Interestingly, the reason why organizations are implementing the cloud is not to save money or become more flexible, the report noted. In fact, the driver behind cloud computing is mobility.

Additionally, this year will introduce businesses to big data and the need to deploy analytics solutions that can handle fluctuating volumes of information will push companies to the cloud, SYS-CON Media reported.

According to predictions made by Progress DataDirect, 2012 will be the year that big data is introduced and all the talking about it in 2011 will be put to the test. This will drive the adoption of cloud computing as chief information officers look for ways to interpret, store and utilize the vast quantities of data accumulated.

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