Report: Cloud computing, virtualization technologies to see wider use in 2012

Many analysts believe 2012 will be a very disruptive year for IT, as innovations are created and utilized by businesses across a number of industries. According to predictions made by 451 Research, cloud computing and virtualization will be two of the most pervasive technologies deployed throughout the year.

"Economic concerns will weigh heavily on the minds of IT decision-makers this year, and will increasingly drive customers toward considering cloud-based approaches," said 451 Research director Simon Robinson. "Indeed, 2012 could be when the cloud comes of age, and for the first time will really begin to nip away at traditional IT deployment models in enterprise environments."

Virtualization, on the other hand, will become part of mission-critical strategies for many organizations, rather than only being cost-effective services that provide a competitive advantage, the report noted. As these solutions are being used by a large number of companies, firms will likely be required to deploy them in order to remain relevant in today's business world.

According to IDC, the days of virtualization being used only for consolidation are ending. Instead, the technology is maturing and beginning to emphasize the mobility of virtual machines, a goal that many businesses desire.

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