Cloud computing helps DevOps

Today, cloud computing is becoming a more important part of business application management and with it comes DevOps, the process of integrating and collaborating software development and IT operations, according to a SYS-CON Media report.

New IT systems used to be created through several phases, including development, test and production stages. This traditional process would sometimes take 30 to 70 percent of the IT department's time. Additionally, problems associated with software, hardware and configuration would often arise, the news source reported.

A key benefit of DevOps is the merging of network and hardware environments. This helps mitigate blame being placed on different departments, as the process is completed in one phase. As a result, companies that use DevOps can improve their ability to locate and fix bugs and increase the deployment speed of new systems, SYS-CON Media noted.

According to research firm Ovum, the combination of development and operational stages weaves collaboration into all levels of the installation process. Additionally, DevOps helps determine accountability when problems are found and allows them to be resolved much quicker.

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