Virtualization, new clouds to trend in 2012

The explosion of big data, cloud computing and virtualization will all be major technology trends in 2012, according to a CIO Update report. Since some of these concepts will be more relevant to specific industries, it is important for businesses to recognize and understand which services will benefit them most.

For example, as cloud computing continues to grow and evolve, public, private and hybrid environments will be used by more companies. Next year will also bring new on-demand solutions, in addition to the well-known Software-as-a-Service option. In fact, Hardware-as-a-Service will likely grow in popularity, helping to shape what some experts are calling IT-as-a-Service, the news source reported. These offerings help companies cut costs and use powerful programs, without having to support expensive IT staff.

Additionally, virtualization will continue to be used to improve networking, application, desktop and storage capabilities. The technology will be seen in both large and small business, CIO Update said.

Without virtualization, the average utilization of storage devices is roughly 30 percent, according to TechNavio. However, this increases to 70 percent when using the technology. This is one of the reasons why organizations are looking to this service, as it allows them to be more efficient.

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