Report: Cloud computing drives global IT investments

Cloud computing, system integration services and green IT solutions are all driving factors behind the trend of investing more in information technology. A new report from Global Industry Analysts found that the global IT services market will generate $1.2 trillion in revenue by 2015.

Even though the IT industry was affected by worldwide economic troubles, a new wave of IT investment is on the way, thanks in part to cloud computing. As it creates ripples in the market, cloud computing is expected to experience large growth in the coming years, especially as more organizations invest in private and hybrid environments, the report noted.

Platform- and Software-as-a-Service will also see increases in popularity, as these solutions help businesses improve internal functionality and flexibility. Still, the main drivers behind growing cloud computing spending will be the pay-as-you-go model and low costs derived from multi-tenant use, GIA said. This is important for frugal companies in today's economy.

According to InfoStreet, decision-makers also like cloud computing because of its ability to provide automatic updates, reducing the need to worry about purchasing updated hardware or software. The solutions are also exceptional for disaster recovery, as they are sometimes located off-site.

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