Study: Businesses need advanced solutions to keep up with virtualization

Although virtualization and cloud computing services help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency, the technology also makes business operations much more complex. As a result, decision-makers expect their management systems to be as automated, easy to use and flexible as their virtualized environments, according to a study by eG Innovations.

"Virtualization and cloud technologies render the traditional, manual approach to performance management inadequate," said 451 Research analyst Karin Kelley. "To deliver on the ROI promise, today's IT [operations] need to automate and accelerate the diagnosis and resolution of performance issues in dynamic and complex service environments."

According to the study, the majority of IT operators surveyed said they want their management solutions to be able to handle both on-site and virtual machines, as well as each system's applications. Additionally, IT professionals demand one integrated performance monitoring tool, rather than using a different solution for each network, server or virtualization tier.

These types of services will be in much higher demand as more organizations deploy virtualized servers and systems. In fact, Infiniti Research Limited found the global server virtualization market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 32 percent through 2014. This indicates that companies like the speed and agility of the technology but will likely need other advanced solutions to keep up with it.

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