UK organizations pushing toward cloud computing

This year may be the year that cloud computing finally takes off and is utilized by a wide spectrum of industries with less hesitation, especially in the U.K. According to a study by Virgin Media Business, 62 percent of U.K. employees want to see their day-to-day software solutions migrated to the cloud.

"However, the old uncertainties about cloud computing remain," said Virgin Media Business chief operating officer Tony Grace. "A third of companies told us they are still worried about data management and 28 percent admitted they had concerns about security. The fact is the biggest issue about accessing and using the cloud to its maximum is ensuring you have a secure and reliable connection."

Nevertheless, organizations are still pushing toward the cloud, considering 10 percent of the public sector and 16 percent of the private sector are already using cloud computing daily, the study found. The main reasons for cloud migrations include the technology's pay-as-you-go model and the ability to create personalized infrastructures.

Additionally, a report by TEKsystems found 41 percent of government agencies plan to invest in cloud computing solutions in 2012. These studies suggest the cloud is becoming more alluring, even to highly organizations with sensitive information.

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