Data virtualization to grow in importance

Organizations should anticipate chaos in the coming years as data volumes explode. To alleviate the stress associated with these problems, decision-makers may want to consider implementing data virtualization technologies, according to a Beye Network report by industry expert William McKnight.

By using data virtualization, chief information officers can experience benefits like the ability to have a single view of information as it spreads across the business. This helps organizations simplify access without becoming too exposed, McKnight noted.

Additionally, data virtualization can be used to provide business intelligence by extending a company's reach, McKnight said in the report. Today, many data warehouses have hit their capacities. However, using virtualization technologies can stretch these boundaries to provide the functionality organizations will need to be successful in the future.

According to an Enterprise Apps Today report, data virtualization is the glue that ties data warehouses to the influx of new information generated from the increased use of consumer solutions, such as cloud computing and social media. As a result, company's utilizing virtualization can find innovative ways to prepare for the advent of big data.

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