Study: IT professionals expanding their role

With the advent of cloud computing and virtualization, IT employees are planning to invest more time and effort into helping their companies take full advantage of these technologies in order to become a bigger asset, according a study by SolarWinds.

"IT departments looking to stay competitive should ask themselves what direction their company is heading, identify the goals and determine IT's strategic role," said Jonathon Reeve of SolarWinds. "The good news is that IT departments already have the upperhand in understanding the unique requirements of the businesses they support."

One thing that IT professionals can do to take on a more active role in the organization is embrace virtualization. This means that employees should understand the technology inside and out, the study said. As a result, IT staff members need to know how to manage capacity, applications, performance and other important aspects of virtual environments.

There are many reasons why virtualization is becoming more popular among businesses, including the ability to cut hardware costs by consolidating physical servers. Companies can also reduce maintenance complexities, since navigating through virtual environments is comparatively easy. IT departments need to understand how to take full advantage of these benefits in order to improve.

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