CIOs should recognize issues with big data, cloud computing convergence

With the advent of big data, companies are migrating databases to cloud computing environments to store information. As organizations make these moves, they should take note of several technicalities that are often overlooked, IT expert David Linthicum said in an InfoWorld report.

One of the first things decision-makers need to consider is potential integration challenges. While the end-result of cloud migrations is generally beneficial, the process requires data records to be moved through broadband connections that can't handle such volumes. As a result, companies should expect, but not be worried by, possible delays, Linthicum said.

Additionally, chief information officers may consider migrating to a private cloud computing environment, rather than a public cloud. Even though cloud security can vary on different levels, data protection in private clouds is often less expensive because static information may not need to be heavily encrypted, Linthicum asserted.

According to a report by the University of California, the scalable database management systems of the cloud offer unique opportunities for organizations as big data becomes an issue. Still, companies should be sure to address potential issues as they migrate to the cloud.

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