Study: Cloud technologies impacting senior-level executive job descriptions

Cloud computing is changing the internal characteristics of companies in many ways, including redefining IT-related positions within the business. In fact, many chief financial officers believe the role of the chief information officer is in jeopardy, while an additional 31 percent think it will merge with that of the CFO, according to a study by Getronics.

In terms of cloud deployments, 38 percent of survey respondents said the CFO or the finance division was responsible for rolling out the technology, rather than the IT department. Furthermore, 77 percent of CFOs claimed they have been taking on more IT responsibilities in the past several years, the study said.

Additionally, of the more than 200 financial decision-makers polled, only 2 percent said they were unaware of what cloud servers were, Getronics noted. This suggests that CFOs are playing more substantial roles in the rollout of cloud computing and that the technology is having a large impact on companies.

A 2011 Forbes report said more companies are looking for high-ranking individuals with IT-related experience. However, the Getronics study revealed that 31 percent of CFOs believe the CIO position, in particular, will be filled by individuals with non-technical backgrounds.

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