Private cloud servers require different perspectives

Private and hybrid cloud computing architectures are different than their public counterpart. As a result, decision-makers need to take a refined approach when migrating to these environments and although the same issues must be tackled, the process should be completed differently, according to a Computerworld report.

For example, the security of private cloud servers needs to consider agility, speed and ease of deployment within infrastructures, the news source reported. Meanwhile, the established controls that help ensure cloud server security should be easily auditable, allowing IT staff to recognize and reinforce areas of weakness.

Compliance is also an important aspect of enterprise-level cloud computing. PCI compliant hosting environments require tools that ensure all parties utilizing the systems are aware of security and operational procedures in private cloud servers, Computerworld noted.

Licensing compliance, on the other hand, requires tools that keep track of systems inside and outside the cloud servers. This helps decision-makers monitor what solutions need new licenses, the news source said.

Currently there is a lack of cloud standards to help make implementation and compliance easier. However, these may begin to emerge in the coming year as cloud computing continues to take hold, according to GigaOM.

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