Picking the right cloud host

Today, cloud computing adoption is rising as more businesses adopt the technology. Regardless of how quickly a company implements the services, decision-makers need to be sure they feel comfortable with and have evaluated their cloud host, according to a CIO Magazine report.

Businesses should trust the provider. Since the relationship is quite intimate, there needs to be a mutual respect between the vendor's principles and those that are important to the organization implementing the cloud servers, the news source said.

"[Cloud providers] have to have an understanding of what you're looking to do and match that up with their technical expertise," IT expert Charles Weaver said, according to CIO.

Additionally, service providers need to be able to keep their word when it comes to security. As a result, the vendor should be subject to a third-party compliance audit, CIO noted.

According to a Spiceworks study, roughly 46 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are using cloud computing services. As the migration into the cloud continues, organizations should be sure to pick the right service provider for them by matching their needs with service offerings.

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