Cloud computing improves communication, teleworking capabilities

By utilizing scalable cloud computing services, organizations can improve their teleworking capabilities and allow employees outside the office to be just as productive as those stuck in the office. With next-generation collaborative communication solutions, cloud computing is now seen as a technology that will forever change the way companies perform operations, according to a NextGov report.

Instead of storing data and applications on-site, businesses can host their resources in off-premise banks, resulting in fewer maintenance demands and more financial savings. Meanwhile, a centralized network makes managing security and applying updates that much easier, enabling businesses to focus on more pressing issues, the news source said.

In order for a business to get the most from the cloud, it's overall migration should be thoroughly planned. Getting the initial stages of cloud hosting correct is especially important, NextGov noted, as today's capabilities are likely only the tip of the next-generation collaborative iceberg.

According to a SYS-CON Media report, the cloud will continue progressing gradually as more organizations implement the technology in the coming years.

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