Readiness assessments determine finer notes of cloud migrations

Migrating IT to a cloud server can be a difficult and complex process if a company is not prepared. To make the procedure less daunting, decision-makers can conduct a readiness assessment that will help them understand the challenges of a successful cloud transition, according to a Network World report.

There are three parts to the assessment, including technical, economic and business analyses. The technical aspect comes first and helps decision-makers determine which applications and infrastructures are most suitable for their organization. This examination also covers scalability and other architectural demands, the news source reported.

The economic investigation includes developing in-depth return on investment and total cost of ownership models, detailing the financial benefits of migrating to the cloud, Network World noted.

Finally, the business analysis considers any compliance requirements and determines if decision-makers need to customize the virtual environments in order to meet these standards, the news source said.

Companies migrating to the cloud should also consider different cloud providers, as some may match specific requirements more effectively than others and make the migration process easier, according to a CIO Magazine report.

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