Cloud is only threatening to the underprepared, expert says

Cloud computing, in all its glory, may seem like a threat to some business executives. In order for chief information officers to remain important IT figures, they need to be smart during the company's implementation of managed servers, according to a CIO magazine report.

"CIOs need to make sure that they are part of the business conversation early on," Oracle chief architect John Abel said, according to the magazine. "For the first time, thanks to cloud computing, the business is able to sub-navigate IT."

By aligning IT functions with cloud hosting strategies, individuals can avoid being left behind as the company implements innovative new technologies, CIO said.

"The IT department can capture this problem early and initiate discussions with the business," Abel said, according to CIO. "They will work with the business to understand what direction they are moving in, to understand how the IT capability and cloud can be used to get it there."

According to a global survey by research firm TNS, 20 percent of companies that implemented the cloud actually hired additional IT staff to maintain the services. By sparking discussions with other decision-makers, CIOs can ensure IT job security and help the company progress forward.

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