Cloud is what you make it

Migrating IT operations to a cloud infrastructure can be extremely beneficial for companies, as the hosted environments can improve teleworking, collaboration and data security. For these implementations to be successful, however, decision-makers need to be sure they take the proper precautions when deploying the the services, according to an SBN Online report.

To ensure the cloud-based environments are safe, chief information officers should carefully structure the service level agreement with the provider. Maintaining control over data and having visibility into the virtual network is important to ensure security and should be discussed during the creation of the SLA, the news source reported.

SLAs should be seen a tool that help companies determine what they want in comparison to what is being offered. SLAs must also be considered "living documents," according to a Data Center Pulse report, as they need to evolve as technologies, business models and the economic conditions change.

Additionally, organizations should be sure to conduct a thorough audit of the integrity of the cloud provider's network, SBN Online said. An effective evaluation will ensure that the cloud servers are reliable, available and, above all, secure.

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