SMB cloud adoption rates are growing

Cloud computing is changing the way organizations operate, with the adoption rates growing the most amongst small and medium-sized businesses. Since complex cloud servers have the ability to lower the barriers that traditionally restricted smaller firms from implementing innovative and high-quality technologies, more SMBs are enjoying the practical benefits of the cloud, according to a BBC report.

Cloud computing is, in a sense, leveling the playing field as the technology can be utilized by both large and small organizations because of its pay-as-you go pricing model. As a result, even start-ups can use the same solutions that Fortune 500 companies have in their IT arsenal, the news source said.

The cloud can also improve agility and allow firms to bring their products to market sooner, BBC noted. This gives new opportunity to increase revenue and build a clientele base much faster than traditional IT solutions would make possible.

According to a report by Parallels, the SMB cloud market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 26 percent, eventually generating $68 billion in revenue by 2014. This is a large portion of the overall cloud market, indicating smaller firms will have a major impact on future cloud trends.

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