Cloud computing comparison more than just costs, experts say

Choosing a cloud computing host is a difficult process and should be more complex than simply picking the one with the least expensive price, according to a report by Cloud Nations. Instead, businesses should focus on topics like dependability and functionality to develop smarter strategies.

To start, decision-makers need to choose what exactly they intend to migrate to the cloud. Virtually any cloud vendor can manage pictures, music and documents, but it gets more complicated when fully-mature applications are hosted in virtual environments, the report said. Therefore, businesses should know how reliable the provider's cloud infrastructure is and what the options are in the event of an outage.

Chief information officers should also look to see if the cloud will offer data compression services. This refers to the technique that condenses files, which will ultimately deliver faster transfer speeds and, most often, lower prices if the company is charges storage by the gigabyte, Cloud Nation noted.

Security is always an important issue, especially when a company moves sensitive data to outsourced environments. Therefore, decision-makers should be sure that the cloud provider is compliant with any necessary regulations and will accept being subject to an audit, according to a FOX Business report.

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