Integrating security into DevOps

By using cloud hosting services, DevOps empowers organizations to dramatically improve their time to market, allowing companies to do thousands of deploys a day rather than the traditional one every nine months or so. However, while these technologies allow businesses to achieve goals that were previously unattainable with traditional IT, it is important that decision-makers tackle these concepts with security in mind, according to a CSO Online report.

As a result, more companies are using rugged DevOps, which integrates security into both the development process and operations. In general, this technique requires businesses to use automated tests that are placed throughout the course, allowing security to be baked in without slowing down the software creation process, the news source reported.

Traditionally, developers would take up most of the time for deploys. Since DevOps is a combination of development and operations, integrating security concerns as well should not be that hard and will improve the end result at a much quicker pace, CSO Online noted.

Organizations can completely change their procedures to make them more responsive using DevOps. By integrating security into the processes, companies can ensure these new courses of action meet all requirements needed in today's constantly evolving IT landscape.

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