Desktop virtualization market to grow, study notes

In today's highly technical world, organizations are investing in innovative technologies to remain in tow with cultural demands. Scalable cloud computing and desktop virtualization are two of the most popular ventures businesses are looking into, according to a new survey by a virtualization solutions provider.

"There's been great interest in desktop virtualization for addressing security and mobility goals, but 58 percent of respondents were concerned with high infrastructure costs and 57 percent with end-user performance," industry expert Sham Sao said in the report. "This is where intelligent desktop virtualization has a huge growth opportunity."

For example, properly utilizing virtualization can yield benefits like a 95 percent reduction of infrastructure requirements, the study noted. Meanwhile, the technology can also deliver fast performance in an easy-to-use environment, allowing companies to mitigate complexities sometimes associated with new solutions.

According to ABI Research, the desktop virtualization market is expected to generate nearly $5 billion in revenue by 2016 as more organizations deploy the technology to reduce maintenance and support costs. Additionally, many decision-makers will be lured by virtualization's ability to improve disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

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