DevOps is disruptive, boosts efficiency

The concept of DevOps is relatively new and allows companies to make a coordinated effort to combine both sides of IT - development and operations. While alternative agile development methods have been around for some time, DevOps as a whole is considered quite disruptive and can likely enhance business efficiency, according to an IT Business Net report.

Traditional software creation was a linear process with different sections making contributions and adding costs that sometimes didn't ultimately contribute to project success. DevOps, on the other hand, eliminates this phased approach and groups everything together, even allowing customers to present offerings, the news source said.

The advent of cloud hosting services also allows DevOps groups to increase efficiency even more. By creating multiple virtual environments and eliminating maintenance costs, organizations can increase productivity within the operations and development sides of software creation, IT Business Net noted.

A recent Cutter IT Journal report observed that DevOps adoption rates are on the rise and changing the way businesses tackle IT. Management, for example, is no longer just directive. Instead, department heads are assuming supporting roles to spark new developments in the field.

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