Encryption can keep cloud computing environments more secure

New cloud computing risks are emerging every day and are causing businesses to be more conservative with their virtual environments. Data encryption and other security initiatives provide an essential layer to keeping cloud computing architectures safe from mismanagement or outside attacks, according to a Porticor report.

By using encryption technologies, decision-makers can block any unauthorized individuals that are trying to access sensitive information. Even if the virtual servers are breached, encryption will prevent intruders from being able to interpret the data lying below the security tools, the news source said.

Meanwhile, insider threats need to be treated with the same caution. Human error and negligence can easily result in a breach of mission-critical data. By implementing encryption technologies, organizations can keep any data that is accidentally exposed from being completely exploited, Porticor noted.

Citing a Forrester Research study, Dark Reading noted that other cloud protection solutions will also contribute to the growing cloud security market - which is expected to generate $1.5 billion in revenue by 2015. While cloud hosting services are sometimes more secure, decision-makers should be sure to add extra safety precautions.

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