Cloud benefits extend to SMBs, as well

Traditionally, IT was seen as a burden for smaller companies that didn't have the financial resources to support innovation. With the advent of cloud hosting services, however, more small and medium-sized businesses are able to make IT an asset that helps them remain competitive with larger firms, according to a CloudTweaks report.

Although managing IT services in-house may allow companies to keep an eye over their systems and possibly make them more secure, outsourcing tasks to a third-party vendor will minimize maintenance labor and costs for the organization. This will reduce the chances of the small firm experiencing deterioration problems that may cause network latency, the report noted.

Migrating IT resources to the cloud will also help companies reduce energy bills. Since cloud computing mitigates the need to host large data centers on-site, businesses won't need to use as much electricity to run operations or maintain cool temperatures, CloudTweaks said.

According to AMI-Partners, SMB spending on the cloud will increase from $111 million in 2011 to $615 million by 2015. This indicates that more SMBs are recognizing the benefits of the cloud and are implementing or have made plans to deploy the technology.

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