Study: Companies will calculate cloud computing ROI

Although public cloud hosting services is popular among many businesses, decision-makers are sometimes still unsure of the definitive return on investment provided by the technology. As a result, according to a new InformationWeeks study, 90 percent of organizations that implement the cloud feel that ROI calculations are crucial to successful deployments..

Additionally, nearly one-third of survey respondents said they would calculate these ROI values throughout the life of the cloud computing project in order to minimize "runaway costs" derived from mismanagement or a data breach of some kind. The ROI analyses would account for cost reductions in addition to improvements in efficiency and time savings that the technology brings to the business, the study noted.

"Companies that cannot compare costs for public cloud services versus internal IT will be in rough shape once they build private clouds and adopt a hybrid setup," InformationWeek Reports content director Lorna Garey said. "And just avoiding cloud won't be an answer, if enterprises don't want a stark IT cost delta between them and startups."

According to IDC, spending on public cloud services will reach nearly $73 billion in 2015. As more organizations implement the technology, more reliable ROI calculations will be made public.

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