Cloud needs to tackle compliance, security concerns

Many businesses are using the cloud's platform, software or infrastructure as a service to utilize scalable tools that will help improve efficiency and reduce cost. Still, many decision-makers have concerns about the technology and rank security as a top priority, according to a SYS-CON Media report.

Consistently, cloud users place high security as the No. 1 data integrity concern when migrating to the cloud, followed by meeting compliance regulations, navigating through complexities and effectively managing encryption keys. There tends to be a consensus that compliance standards often deter companies from deploying cloud hosting services, even as businesses are drawn by the pay-as-you-go pricing model and elasticity benefits, the news source reported.

These demands require cloud vendors to offer an "all of the above" resolution, SYS-CON Media noted. By having data and master keys encrypted at all times, cloud users will be able to build trust in their provider and in the cloud itself, convincing more companies migrate to the virtual environments.

A recent Porticor report noted that encryption is the grease that keeps the cloud security wheel spinning. Without this technology, sensitive data can easily be exposed, causing companies to waste money, compromise goals and, above all, lose consumer trust.

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