Governance is important aspect of cloud security

It is often the case that decision-makers jump headfirst into cloud environments without fully considering the implications of doing so, failing to govern the people and management systems that use the technology. Not only can doing so increase risk associated with the cloud, it can also cost companies large sums of money to fix mistakes and potentially damage the overall integrity and agility of the managed servers, according to Computer Technology Review report.

By using automated, policy-driven governance, decision-makers can customize and manage the system through highly technical controls. In order to ensure the integrity of the cloud remains intact, businesses will need to detail how and why a certain individual can perform specific tasks. Although this may sound tedious and unnecessary, it will dramatically impact the way the cloud operates, the news source said.

Additionally, these governance controls should be implemented early on in the cloud deployment, making the cloud adoption process smoother and more secure, CTR reported.

A SYS-CON Media report noted that encryption key management is important to keep cloud secure, for example. By having strong governance policies in place, decision-makers can limit the access to sensitive regions in the cloud and, as a result, improve the overall protective quality of the virtual environment.

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