Report: SMB cloud adoption on the rise

More small and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud-based applications, as those that currently use these types of solutions will, on average, add three new cloud services in 2012, according to a recent study by Techaisle. The survey also found that 69 percent of SMBs like to purchase their cloud tools through a single, trusted cloud host.

"Cloud adoption does not end with signing up for an application," Techaisle chief executive officer Anurag Agrawal said. "As SMBs dive deeper into their options for utilizing multiple cloud business applications, they are quickly realizing the need to partner with a trusted cloud solutions vendor and develop a comprehensive, scalable plan for implementation."

The majority of SMBs continue to deploy clouds to improve efficiency and productivity. In fact, survey respondents said by deploying cloud services and minimizing manual processes they experienced a 38 percent improvement in efficiency. Additionally, automation helped enhance employee efficiency by 29 percent, the study revealed.

According to a recent report by Parallels, the global SMB cloud computing market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 26 percent to generate roughly $68 billion by 2014.

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