European Commission focuses on cloud strategies

In an attempt to make Europe more cloud-friendly, the European Commission recently focused on creating a nationwide cloud strategy to entice businesses to implement the technology. However, there is still some hesitation regarding security and reliability, according to a report by research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Since the cloud is relatively new and undeveloped, the public sector is slightly hesitant to adopt the technology.To mitigate security concerns, enterprise decision-makers are considering private or hybrid cloud environments, as these are hosted, at least in part, on-site, making them easier to manage and control. However, another concern is a lack of standardization and the worry of not meeting compliance requirements and being punished for it, the news source reported.

"Compliance with government regulations also has to be considered," Rajagopal said. "The amount of data generated and the required security levels vary considerably across public sectors, such as healthcare and transportation. A cloud service should meet basic requirements as well as address security concerns specific to a sector."

According to a GigaOm report, more established cloud standards may begin to emerge this year as companies migrate to hosted services in greater numbers and gain experience overcoming the challenges of these environments.

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