Public cloud can help during BYOD era, expert says

As the iPad hit the stores, individuals across the world scrambled to get their hands on one and, as they brought them to work, IT departments were forced to adapt. Using cloud computing services is an effective ways for decision-makers to deal with this, as the business world continues to move toward bring-your-own-device policy standards, according to an InfoWorld report by IT expert David Linthicum.

By using a cloud infrastructure, mobile gadgets can simply be a terminal used to access data and applications, rather than central computing devices. The public cloud, in particular, may be a wise choice for enterprise decision-makers, Linthicum noted, as these can offer an easy, efficient and - when properly planned - secure environment for employees.

The shift to the cloud to embrace these trends will not be easy or quick, Linthicum asserted. There are a lot of things to consider, including creating a feasible service-level agreement that tackles security and network reliability concerns.

SLAs should not be hastily completed and need to also cover cost, CTO Edge reported. Additionally, decision-makers must ensure they remain compliant with industry standards, even with the proliferation of mobile devices in the office.

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