Intelligence community invests in cloud for big data analytics

By deploying cloud computing technologies, the federal government can improve the intelligence community's ability to analyze big data. Before fully adopting the cloud, however, decision-makers need to ensure the technology meets all organizational demands, according to a new report by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

"Because of the explosion of technology around the world, there's a tremendous amount of insight we can gain into people and cultures that's not through classified sources," Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's Acquisition Support Programs Terry Roberts said. "So it's really about how do you effectively access all of that information and process that information and certify it and blend it with classified sources."

The report noted that there will be a large variety of cloud environments deployed within the IC, as organizations base their decisions on the sensitivity of data hosted on managed servers. Additionally, the cloud will continuously be analyzed over its lifecycle within the IC, rather than a periodic budget cycles.

Citing an IDC report, InformationWeek noted that the United States government will spend more than $82 billion on IT hardware, software and services in 2012. A major portion of this spending will be designated to the cloud, as decision-makers continue to look for ways to improve efficiency and lower costs.

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