Report: IT skill gaps causes problems for businesses

While innovations in technology can often help businesses become more efficient and save money, the rapid pace of their development is causing gaps to form within IT department skill sets. According to a new CompTIA study, roughly 80 percent of survey respondents said these disparities are having a major impact on business operations.

Cloud hosting services, for example, suddenly appeared a few years ago and have had an explosion in adoption rates of the years as decision-makers try to deploy the technology as quickly as possible. As a result, fewer IT staff have received training for the solutions and are less efficient at managing the tools, the study noted. The lack of skills is causing the cloud to be less productive than initially hoped.

"Millions of businesses are clearly not where they want to be when it comes to optimizing their utilization of technology and in the skill levels of their IT staffs,” said Terry Erdle, CompTIA's executive vice president of skills certification. “Even modest improvements in these two areas would yield tremendous benefits in operational efficiencies, business productivity and economic growth."

These skill gaps are increasing the demand for professionals that have cloud knowledge. According to a Wanted Analytics report, more than 5,000 cloud computing jobs were posted in February 2012, suggesting the demand for cloud skills is rising.

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