Study: IT departments must adapt to meet business demands

Businesses continue to look to technological innovations to provide a competitive edge, and it falls to IT departments to ensure the solutions work efficiently. As decision-makers implement cloud storage solutions, for example, IT must learn to juggle multiple clouds, especially since 60 percent of companies believe at least half of their applications will be outsourced by next year, according to a study by Network Instruments.

"While IT teams embrace cloud services and video conferencing as a way to increase cost savings and business flexibility, these technologies introduce new components and environments which make ensuring positive end-user experience all the more challenging,” Network Instruments senior product manager Brad Reinboldt said.

The study found that 60 percent of businesses are adopting cloud computing, with nearly three-quarters stating their primary concern was data integrity and security. Infrastructure as a service is among the most commonly deployed forms, growing substantially in 2011, the study said.

According to research by TechNavio, the IaaS market will increase in size at a compound annual growth rate of 48 percent through 2014. Companies will continue to implement these services driven by the demand to reduce IT costs.

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