Cost savings draw businesses to the cloud

The mobility and connectivity benefits of the cloud are some of its most enticing qualities. Since the technology allows users to store data and applications in virtual environments to ensure access from nearly anywhere in the world, decision-makers don't have to worry about a lack of communication or efficiency for employees working outside the office, according to a CloudTweaks report.

The cost savings associated with the technology is also alluring to many decision-makers in today's unstable economy. Since the cloud hosts resources in an off-site silo, organizations can reduce the need to manage premise-based systems, allowing them to reduce their maintenance costs, the news source reported.

Additionally, businesses won't need to purchase software or updates once they have invested in the cloud, as hosting companies will often automatically install and upgrade any desired cloud-based services at no extra charge, CloudTweaks noted.

A study by the U.K. Department for Businesses, Innovation and Skills found that the cost savings generated from the cloud are often more substantial than the productivity improvements. As companies struggle through today's unfavorable economy, more decision-makers will likely invest in cloud hosting services to reduce expenses.

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