Cloud hosting draws CFO interest

As costs decrease and services become more customizable for businesses, many CFOs are turning their heads and addressing the burgeoning cloud computing industry.

When online file storage was first introduced in previous years, many CFOs were nervous about the financial implications of the service. According to PC Advisor, it was not certain how the technology would integrate with traditional IT systems.  Furthermore, most cloud service providers offered only pay-per-resource protocols, in which CFOs couldn't predict monthly expenditures.

Today, CFOs are revisiting cloud storage systems to find that the technology has overtaken in-house servers as the cost-efficient solution due to changes in both service and product economics. Many cloud hosting providers now offer flat rates in addition to resource based payment systems, granting CFOs financial flexibility based on demand. Hardware and software has also decreased in price due to evolutions in production, as well as increased market competition.

According to a study released by IBM, 90 percent of corporations intend to implement cloud technology within the next three years. With such growth expected, consumers can expect the technology to expand exponential, leaving little reason for CFOs not to adopt the new systems.


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