Report: Cloud technology to replace PC by 2014

For the past several decades personal computers have dominated digital technologies and markets. Now that all may change with the development of cloud infrastructures and hosting.

A report recently released by market researcher Gartner states that by 2014 cloud technology will be the focus of digital technologies. Although tablets and online file storage have been available for several years, only recently has the technology been gaining significant traction.

Gartner believes that this is not only because of price reductions due to production evolutions, but also because consumers are becoming more accustomed to the technology. Originally customers viewed cloud hosting as a foreign concept, but many are growing to view it as something necessary in day to day life.

Manufacturers are also assisting the movement's development by releasing user-friendly, intuitive products. Blackberry and Apple both released new devices in recent days (the Curve 9380 and third-generation iPad, respectively) that the companies hope will help consumers move closer to mobile computing.

"The devices you use the most, need to be more portable, more personal, and dramatically easier to use than any PC has ever been," Apple CEO Tom Cook said in an interview with MacWorld.

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