Network protection in the age of BYOD

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era of corporate business has allowed enterprises to become more efficient and profitable. By eliminating physical barriers, businesses can now integrate resources seamlessly between departments or partnered corporations. With such benefits, it is a wonder why IT executives would choose to stick with traditional IT systems.

The reason many make this decision is due to security concerns. In the BYOD era, systems are frequently threatened by third-party infiltration through employee devices, with little IT can do to combat the threats.

Wayne Wong, managing consultant at Kroll Ontrack, recently told Information Week that there are many things employers can do in order to keep their cloud hosting services secure.

"Policy or governance is the starting point that will then drive procedures and processes," Wong said. "Companies really need to make it clear to employees what is appropriate and what is not appropriate regarding the use of technologies."

Wong also suggests educating employees as to the threats that they may commonly encounter, hoping that awareness will breed diligence. Furthermore, Wong says, by segregating data between corporate and personal, information can be protected within the network.

By employing these best practices, Wong argues, employers can protect their cloud infrastructure from external threats.

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