Cloud keeps Boston businesses running without power

On March 13 Boston's Back Bay neighborhood was plunged into darkness following a transformer fire that left thousands without power. Among those effected were the two largest office buildings in Boston, the Prudential Center and the John Hancock Tower. Thousands of workers in these buildings were without power and appeared headed for a day without business.

Thanks to cloud technology, the following morning went on as normal.

Boston businesses, both big and small, are singing the praises of mobile file sharing and cloud technology for allowing them to work remotely.

Many corporations saw their work-from-home systems traffic nearly triple and found that because of mobile file hosting services were able to save face for the business day.

“We’re all working from afar. We have email access and cellphone access,” said Charlie Gifford, general partner of equity firm New Heritage Capital to the Boston Herald.

Gifford told The Boston Herald that the company had moved its files to cloud storage only nine months prior, and without the technology would have lost the entire business day.

“It’s paid for its weight in gold," Gifford concluded.

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