Small business and the road to cloud integration

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are currently in the process of implementing cloud technologies, but most prefer a simple road to get there. According to results from a new Dell-sponsored survey, 69 percent of SMBs prefer to purchase cloud hosting services from a single, trusted provider.

The report, which surveyed 400 companies with 50 to 999 employees, found that 50 percent of SMBs say that there are significant challenges in maintaining multiple service level agreements (SLAs) while 48 percent said that explaining their business to each new vendor is labor intensive and inefficient.

The study also found that SMBs desire increased levels of flexibility while implementing cloud storage. Seventy-four percent of SMBs are currently using in-house staff to develop cloud technologies that would co-exist with current applications. In addition, 61 percent are writing software code to integrate business solutions.

Most importantly, 63 percent of SMBs want the ability to modify cloud solutions based on market changes. By using a trusted cloud provider small and medium-sized businesses can achieve greater flexibility and efficiency.

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