Mobile strategies evolving with cloud

The link between mobile devices and cloud infrastructure continues to grow stronger, and soon the two are poised to enjoy a symbiotic relationship. By leveraging the enhanced security of using a private cloud in conjunction with mobile technology, corporations can expect to see profound evolutions in their mobile strategy deployment.

There are many reasons why corporations are aggressively implementing cloud technology to assist their corporate infrastructures. Research firm TNS recently surveyed 3,645 IT executives in eight countries and found that a third of respondents are adopting cloud technology for the strength of access to information via multiple devices.

"The nice part of this is that we get automatic rendering of content to all mobile devices, removing or eliminating the need to write device-specific apps," said Richard Peltz, senior vice president of Marcus and Millichap, to Computerworld.

The report found that 21 percent of respondents were adopting the cloud to accelerate business speed, while 17 percent were interested in the technology for its cost cutting capabilities.

By using a private cloud to facilitate their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) ambitions, corporations can expect to reduce cost and streamline internal logistic systems to create a more efficient work environment.

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