Take small steps for successful cloud integration

For many corporations, a quick and complete embrace of cloud infrastructure is not the optimal strategy. IT executives often regard the prospect of complete implementation as dangerous, and consequently have avoided adopting the systems all together. There are more gradual integration methods, however, that allow businesses to choose only the cloud technologies that are correct for them.

By moving into the cloud era with gradual, cautious steps, corporations can be confident in their systems and corporate stability. Andi Mann, vice president of strategic solutions at CA Technologies, offered many options for corporations to ease into cloud technologies.

Mann suggests that corporations allow their employees to use the technology for exploration opportunities. By deploying pilot projects that use only the cloud, executives can be confident that an entire development team will not be shut down if an error emerges. Furthermore, by using a pilot system, corporations can carefully monitor cloud developments before authorizing expanded investment.

Enterprises can also adopt cloud services for individual systems instead of entire networks. By only implementing cloud CRM software, for example, executives can be confident that the business's integrity is safeguarded in case of a shutdown.

Furthermore, for especially nervous executives, cloud technology can be used solely as a backup system. By using cloud storage services, corporations can monitor system stability and gain experience before restructuring entire infrastructures.

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